50% off RRP Mystery Grab Bag
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50% off RRP Mystery Grab Bag

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No seconds or boring items here! This lucky dip is full of kawaii, hand made jewellery goodies! Each one will be packed in gift wrap to preserve the mystery, and sent alongside a thank you note sealed with a beautiful wax stamp!

The value of the items is at least equal to, or exceeds the RRP listed price.

For an idea of what they could contain, feel free to have a browse through my shop! No collections are off limit, from Simple Pleasures to Princess!

Please note that this lucky dip is not suitable for people with metal allergies, due to the nature of it.

Possible materials:

Earrings - stainless steel posts, resin, plastic, polymer clay, metal

Necklaces - organza, pleather, brass (gold and silver)

Pendants (with necklace), keychains - polymer clay, resin, plastic (dollhouse furniture, dollhouse foods)