Capsule Sushi Earrings (Sushi Collection)
Capsule Sushi Earrings (Sushi Collection)
Capsule Sushi Earrings (Sushi Collection)
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Capsule Sushi Earrings (Sushi Collection)

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Hand crafted from polymer clay, the Sushi Collection features one of a kind earrings! Some overlap between the pairs exists, but no pieces are exactly the same. 

  • Pieces in this collection may present small visible imperfections, such as chips on the sides and the back. Pictures try to show these imperfections as well as it is possible.
  • Each sushi piece is freehand cut and sculpted.
  • Extremely light weight and comfortable (1g-3g/earring)
  • Surgical steel posts. For clip ons, please contact us, as this would need a small design change.
  • Unglazed for a more earthy feel.

All items in the Sushi Collection come in a gift box tied with a pink ribbon and sealed with a beautiful wax stamp.


Surgical steel posts, polymer clay.